Beautiful Me rollmassage

Welcome to the world's first smart salon!

Beautiful Me body treatment salon is the world's first salon to make rollmassage conveniently accessible to everybody. Rollmassage was invented already in the 1920s and documentation of its active use can be traced back to the 1940s. The rollmassage machine’s work-based usage has remained unchanged to this day. However, machines are now modern and equipped with smart technology, such as, infra-red and collagen lamps, in order to increase their efficiency. The working principle and operation of these modern machines have been studied, and the exercises developed are based on the principles of lymph massage. Rollmassage is suitable for everyone!

Studied benefits of Rollmassage:
• Stimulates fluid flow.
• Reduces swelling of tissue.
• Removes toxins from the body.
• Improves skin and muscle elasticity.
• Improves metabolism.
• Reduces body circumference.
• Relaxes the body.

Since its initial opening in Tallinn in 2017, Beautiful Me has grown to 8 cities in Estonia, offering healing body treatment services and friendly personal approach to each customer visiting their salons. 
Beautiful Me body treatment salons outside Estonia are operating on franchise concept. In the case of Beautiful Me, the Franchisor is Abel Ltd.

Ketjun perustamisvuosi: 2017
Yksiköiden määrä muissa maissa: 10
Yksikön alkuinvestointivaatimus: 50.000-100.000
Yksikön keskimääräinen liikevaihto: 35

Ketjumme yrittäjän toiminta:

Beautiful Me body treatment salons outside Estonia are operating on franchise concept. This means that the Franchisor rents out his brand and business system to a Franchisee. During the agreed contract period and after payment of franchise fee, the Franchisor gives the Franchisee the right to use brand name, services and products. In Beautiful Me case the Franchisor is Abel Ltd. This company is registered in Estonian business register. “Beautiful Me” is brand name and registered trade mark. In this brochure Beautiful Me is considered as trade mark of salons and as well as name of franchise.

Running a smart salon is cost effective! You only need a few staff members (1-3) and a relatively small floor space. Moreover, Beutiful Me salons are located outside commercial areas, which reduces expenses, such as rental costs. You can start your business with low initial investment and a chance for a high turnover. 

Millaista yrittäjää haemme:

Abel Ltd. is now looking for committed partners to join its expansion in Finland! 

The following personal characteristics which Abel Ltd. looks for in a Beautiful Me Franchisee:
• Visionary and entrepreneurial thinking
• Pronounced self-confidence
• Positive leadership and motivational skills
• Service-mindedness
• A hands-on approach and the ability to quickly acquire new knowledge
• Willingness and ability to work as an entrepreneur and at the same time to be part of
a larger system
• A well-established network of local partners, authorities and opinion leaders
• Keen understanding of the local mentality and culture
• Good verbal and writing skills in local languages and English
• Financial skills
• Computer skills
• No previously unpaid debts

Ketjumme tarjoaa yrittäjälle:

Our brand and system, your business and profits!

We provide a successful and unique health treatment concept in a clean and stylish environment. In addition we provide you with professional support in location scouting, construction, recruitment, training, marketing and all areas necessary for a sound entrepreneurial structure.

We, Beautiful Me, provide:
• A proven and successful “healthy body
treatment” concept.
• A unique corporate identity and salon
decoration style.
• Manuals and guides to run operations.
• Advantageous purchasing agreements.
• Training programmes.
• Professional support in location scouting
and evaluation.
• Professional support in construction, recruitment and training,
marketing and all areas necessary for a sound entrepreneurial structure.

Bring the world's first smart rollmassage to your hometown!