B.GOOD - food with roots

We are looking for Master franchisee/licensee

We are looking for partners from following areas: Koko Suomi

B.Good is a fast casual concept, founded in Boston in 2004. “Our brand stands for a sustainable, holistic philosophy about food and wellness for people, their community, and the environment. So, we serve a balanced menu that reflects the spectrum of wholesome, real ingredients. In other words, we’ve created our own unique category in the fast casual market.”
The founders of B.Good -concept wanted to create a place where people could eat food made the way it was for them when they were kids. Delicious, homemade, wholesome food made with love. They call it” food with roots”. Roots that are our history. And roots that respect and connect the community of farmers, employees, and customers who are a part of B.GOOD. So, we show customers how we make our food, what´s in it and where it comes from. We tell the story of our food through the real people who produce, raise, and then prepare it in our restaurants.”


Business started in year: 2004
International business started in year: 2015
Country of origin: USA
Number of units in total: 60


The offering in restaurants is rooted by healthy & wholesome foods made fresh at the store from regionally sourced ingredients. They have a wholesome offering of a wide variety of fresh and healthy food which makes it a destination for the entire family at all times; Kale & Grain bowls, Salads, Burgers & Sandwiches + Smoothies and other drinks by local culture.


B.Good is looking for a Master Franchisee, who will develop few restaurants and expands in Finland with franchisees.
The Master should have good knowledge of restaurant business in Finland. The candidate should have a solid financial background, so he can invest for few own restaurants and operate and develop B.Good – chain in Finland.


B.Good provides Brand & Start-Up Training, which includes everything there is to know about B.Good´s brand & concept and developing the store’s specific start-up plan. Location, building and marketing.


How much is the total investment (in average) for one unit? yli 200.000
What is the level of average turnover (at mature stage) of one unit? 1.300.000
What is the average number of employees per one unit? 5-10


How much is the evaluated amount of capital needed to start the business operations in Finland? 1.500.000