AMAZING JEWELRY - new jewelry store

We are looking for partners from following areas: Koko Suomi

Amazing Jewelry is a new international jewelry and store concept aiming to create a price revolution in the jewelry business.
When it comes to fine jewelry, for decades, consumers have carried the costs for high profit and margins, middle-men, huge organizations and extensive marketing budgets. The price for jewelry has been, and still is, unrealistically high compared to actual costs, but this is all about to change.
The modern consumer will pay for top luxury, but for everything else, and in a transparent world, nobody wants to pay more than what is fair – the real price, so to speak. Amazing Jewelry will change the industry by making fine jewelry available to everybody in new, cool stores with all the latest collections and designs. Amazing Jewelry keeps prices low by cutting all costs and by taking the jewelry straight from the producer to the store and moves the value to customers.


Business started in year: 2016
International business started in year: 2016
Country of origin: Denmark
Number of units in total: 30


Amazing Jewelry always carries the latest designs and trends in the stores and they constantly develop the collections with new drops every 14-21 days. Everything in the store is priced at 10-100 EUR, and they only sell jewelry in .925 Sterling Silver, 18ct Rose Gold- and 18ct Gold Plated Sterling Silver.
The founder of this new Danish concept is Jesper Nielsen, who is also a co-founder of Pandora Central Western Europe, Part of the Pandora Group and the founder of the international brand Endless Jewelry.
Amazing Jewelry has the coolest jewelry stores ever and you can always count on something going on inside: Our DJ is playing, competitions, events, fashion shows or something completely different. Our stores are Social Hubs, and there will always be a reason to come back.


Amazing Jewelry is looking for partners, who will develop stores in Finland. The partner should have a strong experience and vision in retail business and business locations. Partner should also have good financial possibilities to invest to this business.


Amazing Jewelry will provide initial training, ongoing business support and financing possibilities via 3rd part.


How much is the total investment (in average) for one unit? 50.000-100.000
What is the level of average turnover (at mature stage) of one unit? 500.000-800.000


How much is the evaluated amount of capital needed to start the business operations in Finland? 150.000