HUSSE - natural quality pet food with home delivery

We are looking for Master franchisee/licensee

We are looking for partners from following areas: Koko Suomi

Since 1987, Husse has focused on helping pet owners make informed decisions when selecting pet food suitable for their pet's needs. By focusing on producing natural quality pet food without genetically modified ingredients as well as providing home delivery of their products, which allows direct contact with clients and their pets, Husse is the world leader in home delivery of quality pet food.


Business started in year: 1987
International business started in year: 1991
Country of origin: Sweden
Number of units in Finland: 1
Number of units in total: 600


Husse is now looking for a master franchisee to bring the franchise to Finland. Your objective as a master franchisee will be to obtain the exclusive rights of the Husse brand for the entire country; keep a stock of Husse's product range; and recruit a network of unit-franchisees (distributors) to build their own local business and client base. You will then have the exclusive rights within your territory to supply the unit franchisees with Husse products as they build their own business through the Husse franchise system.


Husse's franchise owners are typically entrepreneurial pet owners who want to break into the pet industry as well as be their own boss; becoming a Husse master franchisee is a way to accomplish both.

A master franchisee can be located anywhere in Finland, but preferably near a port or big highway for logistical reasons.

You can leave an application to Husse in English, Swedish or Finnish.


As a master franchisee, you have the exclusive right to the Husse trademark which, in addition to brand image and product range, gives you access to an easy-to-use CRM business program and professional marketing support.

Husse’s comprehensive training program, which will equip you with the essential tools and know-how, includes:

Sales techniques and marketing
Product information
Administration of the website and Intranet system
Unit Franchise recruitment
The pet food industry information
Nutrition training

Husse's continuous support includes complete access to Husse brand advertising and sales promotion material, coupled with all worldwide PR and marketing campaigns, managed from Husse's corporate office in Sweden.


How much is the initial franchise fee (or similar) for one unit? The fee to become master franchisee is 50.000 EURO
How much is the total investment (in average) for one unit? 50.000-100.000
How much are ongoing franchise/license fees/royalties? 5% royalty
Are there any other fees (e.g. marketing fee)? 1000 Euro monthly service fee and 200 Euro web shop fee.
What is the level of average turnover (at mature stage) of one unit? Will be discussed, depends on the market.
What is the average number of employees per one unit? 1-5


How many units are you looking to open in Finland? We are looking for 1 master franchisee to build a network of unit franchisees in Finland.
How much is the evaluated amount of capital needed to start the business operations in Finland? 100,000 Euro